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Friday, September 14, 2007

Videos Smatterings

Hi, and welcome for the first or umteenth time.

The videos below seem to list themselves in the order that I put them up...odd how that happens. What that means is, if you are a return viewee, please consult the latter video selections for more recent files. I have neglected to attach any dates to video clips, primarily because when I am doing this I am more often than not harboring a sleeping baby on my chest, and typing and mousing etc with one hand.

An Operational Note: If you click the MENU button on the video player this format will allow you to read a little about each video...provided I wrote something (perhaps the date!)

Steve and Family

Thursday, April 26, 2007

And Then They Came

In the short amount of time that our Family has lived in Bend, we have been extremely fortunate and have felt very dearly loved. The list below may help you understand without me saying too much more.

Steve Coy - December 2-6, 2005 (4 days)
Chad (Joanna's brother) - February 16 - 20th, 2006 (5 days)
Dick and Di - March 2-11 (10 days)
Us to Mpls - March 14 - 23 (10 days)
Moe - June 11-19 (9 days)
Dick and Di - July 14 - 29 (16 days)
Phil and Kids - July 22 - 30 (8 days)
Terra and Sarah - August 14-16 (3 days)
John, Corey, Alex and Ashley - August 18 - 25 (8 days)
Joanna and Nicholai to Mpls - August 25 - September 24 (31 days)
Steve to Mpls - September 16 - 24 (9 days)
Steve and Chris - October 6 - 11 (6 days)
Dick and Di - October 12 - 23 (12 days)
Chad - November 21 - 26 ( 6 days)
Moe - November 23 - 27 (5 days)
Us to Mpls - December 22 - Jan 2 (11 days)

Or, to sum things up a little, we had 98 days of visitors in 386 days (that's 25%). Not just anyone can say that! Additionally, we were back (all or some) in Minneapolis for 50 days over that period (that's 13%). Another way of saying it is that we either had visitors or were away from the house for 148 days (that's 48% of the time).

Isn't it funny what statistics can do...

Our Oldest Turns Three!

Well I never. Just when I thought I knew everything, this happens. Nicholai turns three. Yup, it was today, April 26th, 2007. He got a fishing pole accompanied by small plastic fish from Joanna and I, as well as a T-Ball stand (he's got a serious eye for the ball, no kidding). From Nana and Gampa he got a 'Razor' scooter which pretty much never left his side. It was even next to the bath at bathtime. Uncle Phil and the kids got him some art supplies which have all been used (no used up) by him and friends. Gram got him Jenga, which, believe it or not, he has the hang of, just not the attention span - so they're great to knock over. Grampa Nic has a suprise waiting for him at Target. And, sidewalk chalk and balls go a long way to make our little guy a happy camper.
It can be funny what our own desires and beliefs can do to build our own expectations of what a little person should do with their day, birthday or not. Two nights ago, while talking about what we'd do on Thursday (because I had taken the day off), we thought we'd all go for a morning stroll down the river where it's wonderful and serene. Then come home and go for a scooter ride/bike ride (I just bought a pink Huffy with a banana seat from the thrift store for $3
!!), and by then Janel and Ella and Grey would be over for dinner. Naah. Didn't work that way. Instead we hung at the house until at least 11, then headed over the one of the local garden stores to look at flowers. Nicholai loves those places, just a big playland where he can pull a cart and run between the trees etc. Then off to Wild Oats (Whole Foods) for a bite to eat. Then to another garden store (an even bigger one) for more stuff. After we got back here, Nicholai and I did actually go for a scooter ride. Those little legs! He cruised perhaps 8 blocks on that thing. Including some minor (major to him I guess) hills. He broke down about a block from home, mainly because he was so damn hot! Poor guy didn't want to change before we left on our excursion. Janel and Ella and Grey came for the evening. We made Nicholai's favorite, pork chops (he wouldn't make a very good Jew). After that it was cup cakes and ice cream and candles and all. Tee Hee.
Late Saturday afternoon we have a Birthday Party for him over here. We have invited 9 kids he sees and plays with regularly. We thing 5 will show. All's good. Hotdogs and Beefburgers and Ketchup shall make most little faces smile. Wish you were there.

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